Our Process

The 4D's

We operate under a four-step process to incubate and execute your ideas — from start to finish.


Let's grow your vision.

Our services begin with an initial feasibility study to assess your project. We cover technical, market, and commercial viability, and include an overall evaluation of strategy to minimize risk. We provide a description of the proposed system about what it should do, behave, and how it should look.


We believe in innovation.

Our design process starts with a series of steps to create functional products and processes. These include research, conceptualization, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning, tool design and testing. We strive to create products that support and further your vision both inside and out.


Where ideas come to life.

We understand the connection between product design and prototyping to ensure they work together to achieve success. Our engineers are experienced and creative —  we build solutions through machinery. Whether it’s a new design to address a growing venture, modification, or retrofit to allow current machinery to adapt to new tasks, Dynamc works to get your project on track.


From the shop to the shelf.

Our team grows your platform through a combination of product market research, manufacturing, patent filing, and sales engineering. We specialize in preparing technical presentations, assessing equipment needs, determining system requirements, providing sales support, modifying products to meet customer needs, and recommending improved materials or machinery to customers.